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Smart Video Camera Doorbells And Package Theft Statistics

Fight Porch Pirates - Get a Ring, Nest, Blink or SimpliSafe Doorbell Now!:)

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Recently the LAPD did a two neighborhood study, one received Ring smarthome camera doorbell products, and the other neighborhood didn't. The LAPD “saw a 50% reduction in porch pirate thefts and burglaries in the neighborhood with the door bells - the other side saw no changes.”

Last year 11 Million U.S. Homeowners Experienced Package Theft

“The average value of lost packages was $200+ to replace and 80% of homeowners said that they would rather purchase smart home camera visual technologies vs continuing to spend money replacing stolen stuff.”

  • U.S. homeowners receive an average of 27 packages each year
  • 26% receive deliveries at least once a week
  • Theft increases to 81% during the holidays.
  • Most packages are stolen during the day when everyone is gone (74%)
  • Theft victims spend close to $200 to replace each stolen package.
  • 28% said it would be best if delivery companies would leave packages inside their homes.
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